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OTI’s corporate and social responsibility initiatives fall under the umbrella of the Oman Oil Company (OOC) family, sharing in the vision of creating a better tomorrow. OOC’s CSR initiatives focus on four main mandates: Training for Employment, Entrepreneurship and SME Support, Capacity Building as well as Sponsorship and Community Outreach.

We value the communities in which our business operates and endeavour to support those communities where we can through approved schemes and sponsorships. With OOC’s mandates of Training for Employment and Sponsorship and Community Outreach in mind, we have taken on the below initiatives.

Training for Employment: Takatuf Scholars Programme

Recognising Oman’s ambitious agenda for growth and economic diversification requires sophisticated human capital development, Takatuf Oman is a strategic Human Capital solutions provider which identifies diverse ways to meet this challenge. One innovative programme of the institution is the Takatuf Scholars Programme, which aims to develop future leaders that will contribute to the development of Oman.  Founded in 2012, the Programme has grown in reach and scale, with students being offered places at leading universities including MIT and NYU (in New York City), and University College London and Imperial College (in London).

Designed to prepare Oman’s most talented young people for personal and professional success, the Takatuf Scholars Programme introduces them to new tools for learning and equips them with the skills needed to adapt to an ever-changing global environment. It begins with an enrichment programme that prepares motivated, bright grade 10 Omanis for leadership roles and concludes with university studies abroad.

OTI’s support of the Takatuf Scholars Programme began in 2014, through provision of five generous scholarships to Omani students. All five students are currently attending universities in the UK and USA, with ongoing support from OTI.

Sponsorship and Community Outreach: Volunteering in Ghana

In 2017, David Kingston from our Risk & Product Control department, travelled to Ghana to volunteer for four weeks. He spent his time in Frankadua, a farming village of circa 3,000 people in the Volta region of Ghana, 100km north of Accra.

His days were split into three parts. Early mornings were dedicated to farm work on the small farm owned by the volunteer organisation, which produced Maize crops. Proceeds from the sale of the crops is used to finance projects in the local community. Mornings until lunch time David’s time was split during the week between teaching Maths and Geography to a classroom of up to 30 children ranging between the ages of 6 and 13 years old, and assisting the volunteer doctor with the medical program. Medical outreach programs were also held at local schools and surrounding villages.  In the afternoons, David performed his duties as assistant coach of the local senior football team who compete in the Ghanaian second division, where he implemented a new fitness and recovery programme for the team.

During his time in Frankadua, David developed strong connections with the local children and adults, several of whom he is still in regular contact with.  In his words, “the people were the friendliest, most honest, welcoming people” he had ever met.  Whilst many of their lives may be lacking in some of the basic facilities we take for granted (such as running water, electricity and easily accessible quality medical care), not to mention the luxuries of smartphones and tablets that we may think we cannot live without, the locals are nevertheless content with their lives.

David found the experience very enriching in his own personal life, and feels he spent his time making a positive contribution to the people of Frankadua who were overwhelmingly kind and welcoming to him during his time there.

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